Woman writing annual report

Woman writing annual report

The Warrandyte Toy Library is a not for profit community run group providing a toy borrowing service for children aged six months to early primary. We are self funded through volunteer service, membership fees, donations and levies. We have an elected Committee of Management that is comprised of volunteers. Members have access to over 670 toys which can be borrowed for up to 3 weeks at a time. We currently have a small but dedicated number of committee members and openers who manage each borrowing session.  At each session, they are supported by a general member who volunteers to assist in the borrowing and return of toys as part of their membership.

The Warrandyte Toy Library has grown from strength to strength throughout 2017 with a team of six committee members and an ever expanding membership base. We are grateful that we have several new committee members joining us in 2018. We encourage other members to consider joining us at our monthly meetings to see how rewarding and enjoyable a committee role can be. It is our hope that this great community asset thrives both now and into the future; one that can only be sustained by the generosity of our community.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts in ensuring that both the toy stock and toy library storeroom were maintained in such a way that it enabled the community to access, borrow, return and enjoy the wonderful resources we have. Our team has worked hard to ensure that our toy stock suits a range of different age groups and promotes a variety of skills and encourages a strong sense of well being. Thanks also to the members who kindly donated their time to be coordinators and who embraced our wonderful online borrowing system so that we could provide regular borrowing sessions each term.

We have continued to market our Toy Library throughout the year through the Warrandyte Toy Library Website, Maternal and Child Health Centre, Facebook page, word of mouth and flyers which have enabled us to welcome a number of additional members to the Toy Library in 2017. The total number of family memberships at the end of our 2017 year stands at 34. The Toy Library is debt free and our latest financial report indicates that we have remained in a secure financial position since 2016.

Our committee and members of 2017 have contributed many hours to the Toy Library throughout the year. A special thank you goes to all the committee members who have also donated a substantial amount of their time to achieve all that we have done in its 35th year of operation; ensuring that children have access to quality toys and that the toy library continues to be of service to the community. We thank Kirsty, Lea and Phillipa for their ongoing support throughout 2017 as Newsletter Coordinator, Roster Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer; their dedication has enabled the library to run smoothly and successfully again this year. We also welcomed Jessica C, Echo and Dianna to our committee this year and thank them for their time and help to keep the toy library running. We farewell our Toy Manager Tanya who has fulfilled many committee roles over the last several years and thank her whole heartedly for her contributions. After serving on the committee for the last three years as President, it has brought me great happiness knowing that I’ve been a part of a fantastic team who have sought to contribute positively to early childhood development and education. We warmly welcome Jessica F and Emily to the Toy Library Committee for 2018 and look forward to seeing them work together to ensure the Warrandyte Toy Library thrives in its 36th year.

We would also like to thank the businesses and community organisations who have supported us in the last year, including Melissa Makin and Rebecca Ryan (SETLS director and co-director), Manningham Maternal and Child Health, John Roberts & Associates (Accounting firm), ParisottoDesigns and the office of Warrandyte’s member of state; Ryan Smith MP.

We would warmly welcome more community members to share their existing skills or learn a new set of skills to enable the continuation of the Toy Library service; whether it be embracing a role on the committee or undertaking individual tasks. Next year the Warrandyte Toy Library aims to continue to make positive changes based on the feedback of its members and in accordance with its policies, ensure that it is meeting the community’s needs. Most importantly, the newly elected committee will continue to strive to provide children with the opportunity to access a wide variety of toys which encourage skills at each phase of development in their early childhood through play.

2017 President
Warrandyte Toy Library